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Frequently Asked Questions


Can graduates from last year (2022) apply for the Masters thesis award?
Yes! Normally, the award considers theses from the current year. However, due to the postponement of our Thesis Award last year, we are allowing candidates who graduated in 2022 to submit their theses this year. The submission deadline remains the same.
I graduated from a Master program at a Dutch university that is not an art school, but my thesis is related to contemporary art/graphic design/... Is my thesis eligible for the Award?
The committee will review each case individually, taking into account the proximity of your Master program to contemporary art and design. Please send us an email with the name of your program.
For all eligible theses, the committee's primary assessment criteria is the relationship between the thesis's published form and the research developed within it.

Submission Form

I am unable to select my Master program in the submission form. What should I do?
Our list of Master programs from Dutch art schools may not be complete, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please send us an email with the name of your program, and we will promptly add it to our list.
I am unable to upload my PDF thesis into the form. What should I do?
The issue may be related to a limitation on the size of the file for uploading. If you encounter difficulties, you are welcome to send us a WeTransfer link of your PDF through email. Alternatively, you can also choose to send us a physical copy of your thesis.


Can I make adjustments to the layout and design of my thesis before submission? Will it affect my eligibility if I modify the design from when I initially handed it in for assessment at my academic institution?
Making adaptations to the design is not a problem, as long as the committee receives the final version of your thesis before the submission deadline. We will assess the thesis based on what we receive to ensure fairness for all candidates.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by email!
thesis-award (at) page-not-found (dot) nl

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